The songs & stories of the American Civil War as presented by Don Dwyer


Don Dwyer is a musician, singer and songwriter from the Buffalo, NY area. Don has shared the music and stories of the American Civil War with audiences in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee.

He played for many years with the Irish Volunteers Civil War Band and solo at such events as: 

  • Gettysburg  Music Muster
  • Windham Civil War Heritage Gathering
  • Wayne County Fair
  • President James Garfield Home Civil War Weekend
  • Peterboro Civil War Days
  • Angelica Civil War Weekend
  • Mumford Civil War Weekend 
  • Alden Town Concert Series 
  • I have played at many historical societies such as Ellicottville, Sanborn, Grand Island, Holland Land  Office , Nunda, Lima, Daughters of the American Revolution, Attica, Gates  to name just a few ..

All presentations include 10-12 songs and will last approximately one hour. Of course, that can be modified to whatever the needs of your event. 

Don talks about the meaning behind the songs as well as their impact in society at that time and frequently about the composer and his life.

Don has five presentations at this time:

The Songs and Stories of : 

  • The  American Civil War 
  • Stephen Foster 
  • The Irish Soldiers in the American Civil War 
  • The Woman of the American Civil War 
  • The Erie Canal  (Available April 2025) 

Don is proud to have had a 3x great grandfather and 3x great uncles fight in the Civil War who were Irish immigrants. He sings the songs and tells the stories of their background and their motivations to fight for their adopted country.

Don is a 30 year fixture in the Irish music scene as well. He played with the Sons of the Gael and St Brendon's Fancy.